For more than 6 decades
the custodians of
your safety

We have for decades been a competent partner of special forces, police units and the military worldwide in the development and production of special helmets.

We have been one of the pioneers of plastic materials in Austria ever since the beginning of the last century. We were one of the first to produce manganese steel helmets in the fifties and have been manufacturing injection moulded helmets for almost sixty years. In the eighties we started with the production of modern safety helmets for the police and the fire brigade.

We mastered deep drawing of Titanium 20 years ago and, with our state-of-the-art ULBRICHTS Titanium and hybrid Titanium helmets, we are globally at the forefront these days when it comes to ballistic head protection.

Right from the start:
ensuring your safety

ULBRICHTS Protection has for many years been a leading provider of ballistic head protection. Our success is based primarily on ongoing development, close cooperation with our customers and suppliers and our highly motivated team.

We consider ourselves a traditional Austrian company that achieved its globally leading position in the field of protective helmets based on its innovative flair, top quality demands and market-oriented research and development.

Our success is based on a solid system of values:

Safety as the top priority

The protection of deployed personnel is the sine qua non of all our designs and measures. The safety of those who must provide their excellent daily service to our common good is our top priority.


Our relationship with our customers and suppliers is that of a partnership and with constant exchange of information. This allows us to react to new demands promptly and to ensure that our products remain ideally suited for optimum protection of our deployed forces.

Personal commitment

Not only does our team boast comprehensive know-how, but it is also fully familiar with the needs of the deployed forces and the challenges they are facing in their various fields of deployment. Our experts are highly motivated and committed to contribute towards optimal protection of the forces to the best of their abilities.

Innovation & ongoing development

The entire ULBRICHTS Protection team is committed to the ongoing improvement of our products – in this way ensuring that our customers enjoy maximum protection at all times. Our innovative products such as the Zenturio Titanium helmet offer the best protection against bullets of all calibres.

Top quality

Ongoing checks and testing ensure that the forces will get the protection due to them: Optimal protection of the head and top quality.