Effective protection
from firearms is available

Basic protection is offered, on the one hand, by bullet-proof vests to protect part of the body.

The fact that the head, the most important and exposed part of the body, has thus far been without or with only minimal protection, appears seriously anomalous.

But bullet-proof ballistic helmets are, in fact, available.
Globally, special forces, police and the military have learned to appreciate ULBRICHTS Protection special helmets. Unique and convincing properties of the product allow the deployed forces to place their full trust in the outstanding protection of our helmets whilst fully concentrating on their rescue mission.



The only alternative
Titanium helmets


Unconditional safety mandates helmets for ballistic protection. Without exception, the only state-of-the-art helmets today are Titanium or Hybrid Titanium helmets.

Like no other helmet materials in present use, these special Titanium high-tech helmets have been developed over many years to offer outstanding properties of combined strength and resilience. The unique combination of these different characteristics offers maximum stability of the entire helmet dome together with the extremely high capacity for absorbing the kinetic energy of projectiles.

These properties allow ULBRICHTS Titanium helmets to stop projectiles impacting anywhere on the helmet, whilst also protecting the head from dramatic indentations with potentially lethal traumatic effects.

Alternative Aramide/Kevlar “ballistic” helmets, on the other hand, fall far short of the strength and toughness of Titanium helmets and therefore cannot nearly protect against bullets as effectively. Such helmets are generally capable of stopping projectiles only over limited areas of the surface at distances of 40 – 60 mm from the edge of the helmet and will, even should the projectile be stopped, receive such dramatic indentations that the wearer may still succumb to lethal injuries.

Aramide helmets are strictly not manufactured to withstand the impact of bullets. Aramide ballistic helmets for the military are actually helmets protecting from “fragments” to protect primarily from explosions and fragments, formerly the main threat during military, but not police, deployment. Protection against bullets, however, demands strictly different properties of materials and helmet design.

to make the life-saving

ULBRICHTS Protection developed the most modern and effective helmets for ballistic protection against bullets globally available on the market today – the result of many years of development.


Special Titanium alloys with very special characteristics, balanced heat treatment, specially developed manufacturing processes, dome geometries optimised to resist bullet impacts as well as high-tech inside helmets are the reason why the performance exceeds that of other globally available bullet ballistic helmets by far:

Maximum projectile stopping effect

Maximum projectile stopping effect

ULBRICHTS’ Titanium / Hybrid Titanium helmets boast the maximum possible projectile stopping power and will naturally stop 9 mm Parabellum (VPAM 3). But even higher energy projectiles such as .44 Rem. Mag. and .357 Mag (VPAM 4) and various others (7.62×25 Tokarev 5.5g FMJ russ. – 520 m/s etc.) will be stopped.

High protection from fragments

High protection from fragments

For those deployed in hybrid military situations requiring protection from fragments as well as bullets: ULBRICHTS’ Hybrid Titanium helmets offer excellent protection not only against bullet impact, but also against fragments, with V50 > 610 m/s (fragment protection pursuant to Stanag 2920, V50 > 610 m/s 1.1 g FSP).

Largest effective protected area

Largest effective protected area

Due to their inherent stability, ULBRICHTS Titanium helmets offer effective ballistic protection over the entire surface of the helmet down to 10 mm (projectile diameter) from the helmet’s edge. This is an achievement which no other helmet on the market can match, since conventional Aramide/Kevlar products can only offer protection down to 40 to 60 mm from the helmet’s edge. Due to the inherent properties of their materials, Aramide helmets lack the necessary stability this close to the edge. The edge of these helmets will therefore fold in when impacted by a bullet, offering inadequate protection. The effective ballistic protected area of ULBRICHTS helmets is thus 50% – 100% (!) larger than that of a Kevlar helmet with the same contours or surface area of the helmet.

lowest trauma effect

Lowest transmitted kinetic energy – lowest trauma effect

The lethal threat of a projectile is not limited to full penetration of a bullet, but also depends significantly on the residual energy which a deforming helmet transmits to the head when stopping a projectile. This danger may be equally as lethal and should therefore be taken as seriously as full penetration. Official test results by accredited test laboratories have shown that ULBRICHTS Protection helmets have the lowest trauma effect among all protective helmets. They will therefore offer best protection against the residual energy transmitted by impacting and stopped projectiles. The maximum residual energy transmitted by ULBRICHTS Protection helmets is 5 Joule (9 x19 calibre) and therefore well short of the 25 Joule which the Technical Guidelines of the police (TR), will allow ‒ and only a fraction of the ca. 60 to 120 Joule commonly claimed by Aramide helmets for the same calibre projectile. This energy transmitted by Aramide helmets translates to serious and fatal injury.


Innovation, top quality demands, ongoing development and the know-how of our experts are the underlying reason why ULBRICHTS Protection can offer globally unique properties and protective functionality. Simply stating this would be too easy. To prove compliance with internationally recognised standards, our helmets are assessed in the course of extensive certification processes at recognised institutions. All the ULBRICHTS helmet types are therefore fully certified for compliance with the pertinent technical directive (TR) “Ballistic protective helmet – overall system” applicable in Europe and particularly in German speaking states.