Career opportunities with:

What we have achieved.

It is an official fact: we are a “Hidden Champion”. ULBRICHTS produces items that you encounter every day or unknowingly hear of almost every day. May it be the cars passing you by, which we produce the emblems for, or the task forces you see on TV and that are protected by our titanium helmets – it’s just great what we mutually achieved at Schwanenstadt. And we are proud of it.
In both of our sectors – Automotive and Protection – we have achieved unique market positions over the past years. For instance, we produce about 80 percent of all VW emblems. And bulletproof titanium helmets? We are the only one to produce them. Around the globe. No wonder we manage to win most invitations for bid.

What we want to achieve.

Our success so far may be unique but of course we head for more: new markets, new technologies, new materials, and new products. And we do not only want our network of customers and our product range to grow but also and in the first place our team.

We already are a most varied mix of experts and managers of all age groups who enjoy working together. To ensure we can pursue our growth strategy and establish sustainable structures on the way to our goals, we keep improving ourselves through training and new challenges every day. New members to our team are welcomed with open arms. Because we look forward to expanding our staffs in nearly all of our departments.


How you can contribute.

Have you already got an idea of who we are looking for?
We look for people who enjoy puzzling over solutions, who don’t give up when they happen to be on the wrong track, who like to contribute to discussions, have a hands-on mentality, and enjoy taking the lead if necessary. For people who address challenges proactively and prefer solving problems to finding someone who might be responsible for their occurrence – and who are willing to think outside the box. For people who like achieving goals in cooperation with others, who enjoy dealing with new materials and technologies and who would like to help us make the world a bit of a better place.Do you need strict rules and inflexible structures? Then we are not the right partner for you. If your expectations go beyond inflexibility, please check our vacancies in detail. Maybe we offer the right career opportunity for you.
Become part of us and help us to grow! Send us your application now!

Living in the region.

Living where others spend their holidays.

Not only due to its skiing and hiking resorts and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austria is world-famous for its beautiful landscapes and cultural variety. Tourists as well as the local population enjoy the mix of lakes and mountains just as much as the close proximity between nature and urban life.

The federal state of Upper Austria is situated in the heart of Europe and is thus not only an interesting site for market-leading, technologically advanced companies like ULBRICHTS but also a popular holiday destination and recreation area.
Schwanenstadt and its surroundings offer our employees a quality of life that is unique. The big lakes of world-famous Salzkammergut are in close proximity. Those who live in Upper Austria furthermore benefit from affordable housing and a very good infrastructure in the Alpine foothills. It takes only about one hour by car to the cities of Salzburg or Linz where you won’t only find international airports but also numerous cultural highlights.
Our local employees appreciate the beauty of this area just as much as their colleagues from elsewhere. Find out by yourself and join our team!

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