Our expectation:
top performance.

Top technology for top products.

Those who rely on standard technologies will not set new standards. At ULBRICHTS, we are fascinated by technical possibilities. Thanks to this passion, we are market leader in two completely different sectors: Automotive and Protection.

Around the globe, automotive manufacturers entrust us with their most precious detail: their logo. The high-quality emblems, logos and design elements offered by ULBRICHTS Automotive are what makes a vehicle become a Volkswagen or a car a BMW. Our products need to be able to withstand all kinds of environmental impact even in the long run: may it be in the desert heat, the freezing cold or in the urban jungle. Their brilliance must not be clouded by anything. Being a tier-1 supplier, we serve some of the world’s biggest carmakers. Highly-automated and in largest volumes of best quality.

Task forces all over the world protect the most precious thing they own with helmets made by ULBRICHTS Protection: their lives. We design and produce ballistic helmets that are capable of withstanding modern threats and providing effective protection. We are the world’s only manufacturer who uses the high-tech metal titanium. In case of emergency, this technology makes an essential difference. Our clients know: they can rely on our modular helmet systems. And that allows them to fully focus on the challenges they are facing. We provide real protection for all units and all kinds of service.

Setting new standards.


ULBRICHTS never decided to be innovative – it’s just our nature. Because for us, perfect solutions are the only option we continuously improve our products and manufacturing processes. We think on a large scale and try and test new materials, tools and technologies.

Helmets that provide effective protection against fire from automatic Kalashnikov assault rifles? That’s impossible? We started its serial production in 2018. 100,000 top-quality emblems per day? Made in Austria? We have achieved an automation level that does not only enables us to compete but even makes us market leader.

ULBRICHTS represents the courage to re-invent technical solutions and exploring new horizons. Sometimes we may not conform with the mainstream but we always have a clearly defined goal: finding the best solution. We set new standards and closely cooperate with our clients. In this context, the flexibility entailed with being an owner-managed medium-sized company is one of our advantages. A profound understanding of how to develop our markets, short communication paths and one-on-one team play facilitate quick decision finding: From the initial idea all the way to the finished product. All from single source.

The management.

How can we keep improving our products and processes? This question is asked every day at ULBRICHTS. It shows the high engineering spirit in our team. No wonder, as also our owner and CEO is in the first place one thing: a passionate designer and entrepreneur.

Already back when he still studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich, Georg Scharpenack supported his grandfather who was back then ULBRICHTS’ managing director and owner. In his late twenties, the fledging graduate engineer full of decisiveness and courage acquired the economically stricken company and led it back onto the road of success. He restructured its portfolio and oriented the business towards two focuses: Automotive and Protection.

“It takes courage and farsightedness to set new technical standards in highly competitive markets”. Georg Scharpenack shares this conviction with his management team.

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What we stand for

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