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Today’s cars have many different faces. ULBRICHTS Automotive gives them their name. Four rings stand for AUDI, a blue-and-white propeller makes BMW unique and the lettering “GTI” turns a Golf into a classy sportster.

ULBRICHTS Automotive is European market and technology leader in the segment of emblems, logos, and design elements. Our products ensure the respective brand’s perfect appearance at any time. All wants and needs our customers might have towards look, feel, and precision are being fulfilled. They represent emotion, performance, and exclusivity, emphasize the features, and integrate smart functions. We guarantee this quality throughout the cars’ entire lives – irrespective of external impact like extreme weather conditions, rock chips, or aggressive cleaning agents being used.

The wide range of our products and technologies results from processes that are continuously improved. Thanks to our engineers’ know-how and proprietary tool shop, ideas turn into prototypes in record time. By applying a high level of automation, we have turned the special challenges entailed with developing and producing in the heart of Europe into strong points: we supply high volumes in perfect quality and at attractive prices. Applying this high automation level, ULBRICHTS Automotive produces about 100,000 emblems, logos, and design elements for the world’s biggest automobile manufacturers every day.

Hard facts.

Our success story in figures.

On the fast lane together.

Automotive performance

We are proud to be development partner and supplier for some of the world’s biggest automobile manufacturers. Being a compact, owner-managed company from Upper Austria, ULBRICHTS Automotive stands for a unique combination: from the heart of Europe, we supply top quality in high volumes at attractive prices.

Tier-1 supplier.

Major car brands entrust ULBRICHTS Automotive with their key features. We reimburse them for this confidence: by supplying them with thoroughgoing perfection. Our products meet the highest international standards in the automobile industry. Being a reliable partner, we ensure seamless communication and smooth processes. From our sites in Schwanenstadt (Austria) and Budweis (Czech Republic), we supply our customers without delay. Just in time. Self-evidently, ULBRICHTS Automotive also demonstrates this competence as tier-2-supplier.

All from
a single source.

What does a good idea stand out by? Exactly: by its realization – from conception to maturity phase. ULBRICHTS Automotive manage to control every step in the development and production process. Being a certified supplier, we realize the entire multiplicity of our product range in accordance with defined standards [certifications ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016]. Our strong point: We combine various plastics processing and finishing technologies at a top automation level. Being a high-performance development partner, we support our customers on their way into an automotive future.


Up to 100,000 emblems, logos, and design elements every day, around 25 million parts per year: these figures result from a highly-automated process. From the plastic pellets in the injection machine via the assembly of individual components all the way to integrated quality control and packaging: we rely on the advantages linked to top-level automation. Highly efficient and reliable processes make our competitive edge even internationally. With an ongoing passion for innovation and investments made in our proprietary research & development, we serve our customers as competent development partner.


Being a technology leader, we want to design future mobility in cooperation with our customers. Autonomous driving and e-mobility are only two of the topics that currently move the industry. Our contribution to future cars are ideas that remain concepts for a short only and are immediately turned into prototypes. Our proprietary tool shop enables us to test new concepts and manufacturing techniques quickly. We map the entire value chain in-house. From enquiries via conception, construction and tool making all the way to project planning. The advantage our site offers: it’s just a few metres from the designer’s office to the tool shop.


The management.

How can we keep improving our products and processes? This question is asked every day at ULBRICHTS. It shows the high engineering spirit in our team. No wonder, as also our owner and CEO is in the first place one thing: a passionate designer and entrepreneur.
Already back when he still studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich, Georg Scharpenack supported his grandfather who was back then ULBRICHTS’ managing director and owner. In his late twenties, the fledging graduate engineer full of decisiveness and courage acquired the economically stricken company and led it back onto the road of success. He restructured its portfolio and oriented the business towards two focuses: Automotive and Protection.

“It takes courage and farsightedness to set new technical standards in highly competitive markets”. Georg Scharpenack shares this conviction with his management team.

Best performance for global brands

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