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Innovation is our passion.

New concepts require the courage to change things. This is especially true for the automotive industry that has always driven and promoted new trends and future technologies. Electric drives and autonomous driving are only two keywords that will characterize tomorrow’s cars.

ULBRICHTS Automotive consequently grapples with our customers’ challenges and supports them in its role as high-performance development partner. For this purpose, we track the latest trends and developments and experiment on and with new materials and technologies. Our objective in this course always is to make our products and processes a bit better than and to find new solutions. Not as solo players but in close cooperation with our customers. To achieve this goal, our interdisciplinary teams deploy e.g. the methods below:

  • CAD- / CAM-construction
  • Finite-element-method (FEM) / FEM-simulations (mould-flow)
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Prototyping of pre-serial parts
  • Project management approaches

Our experts are particularly skilled in the sectors of surface technology, process engineering, plastics technology, tool making, and test facilities. We continuously invest in new machinery and technology and our employees’ know-how. This is how we achieve best performance – made in Austria.

for quality.

May it be the desert heat, a car wash, or untamed terrain: our products have to be able to withstand all kinds of environmental impact for many years. Nothing may cloud the emblems’, logos’, and design elements’ brilliance. Making use of materials testing machines, alternating climate tests, and corrosion tests, we simulate an entire car life in only 10 to 25 days. Being a certified [certifications ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016] and reliable partner, ULBRICHTS Automotive shares its customers’ expectation of each and every component being of top quality. It is achieved because our team sees quality management as continuous improvement process.

Best performance for global brands

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