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Our face shield is a robust and reusable everyday partner. Its size and visor angle can be adjusted without having to take it off. At the same time, you increase protection against droplet infection for you and others, without losing your face.


The health visor.

In corona times it is important to take responsibility for others and oneself. As an established producer of innovative head protection systems for people, we are presenting a face shield of the highest quality. This face shield protects people and all types of professional groups such as medical staff, healthcare workers, taxi drivers, bus drivers, retailers, factory and construction workers etc.

Faceshield innovation.

Focus on health.

In times of Corona it is important to take responsibility for others and oneself. Those who come into close contact with many people need appropriate protection.

As a globally established manufacturer of innovative head protection systems for people who protect us, we present a faceshield of the highest quality.

The ULBRICHTS face shield protects doctors, nursing staff, taxi drivers, bus drivers, salesmen, factory and construction workers and many more.

The current dramatic phenomenon of the worldwide corona epidemic forces our society to master new situational demands in many areas. This also applies to interpersonal, daily behaviour at work or in private contexts.

Protecting oneself and others is the order of the day in dealing responsibly with each other.

Face masks quickly became a valuable commodity. By now, a decent protective mask is very difficult to get. There is a shortage everywhere, even in hospitals and medical practices.

3D printers were used to start producing face masks in manageable quantities or even make some at home. There are no limits to the imagination and drive of people who want to help. Such a shield is a good idea, it provides additional protection and prevents the unconscious grasping of the face.

This broad commitment and the large number of creative products has now prompted us to use our know-how, our industrial capabilities and our high-tech machines to create such signs.

We want everyone who needs it to benefit from our years of experience and our possibilities.

Thanks to all these factors, we can produce a much more robust product in large quantities, which can be disinfected and reused.

The folding mechanism of the sign itself allows you to adjust the inclination to your needs. It is also possible to put on glasses or an additional mouth protection, without removing the shield.

Also, the size of the forehead ring can be individually adjusted and changed while wearing the sign. Furthermore, we have paid particular attention to using a material that lies comfortably on the skin and remains comfortable even when worn for a long time.

You can see that we have paid great attention to making our product practical, robust, durable and comfortable for the wearer. This makes it a helper in everyday life and not a disturbing factor.

Of course, we are also certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001.

Details such as the individual design of the headband for a friendly impression and identity create additional benefits for users, who can make friends with this new item more quickly.

Available immediately and in large quantities.
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