Ulbrichts for your safety.


Army Recognition live demo

Army Recognition live demo of most efficient protective ballistic helmet in the world by ULBRICHTS


Ulbrichts Film – 09-2021

True protection saves lives – Ulbrichts helmets do not just stop handgun and rifle ammunition, they also prevent a severe backface deformation leading to lethal brain trauma. Watch the whole video to get a better understanding of how Ulbrichts protects those who protect us.


Live ballistic demonstration of VPAM-6 helmet in Güstrow

No safety net or false bottom: at the 10th Special Forces Workshop in Güstrow (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany), we tested the world’s lightest VPAM-6 helmet.


Video: Helmets under Fire

Four impressive videos: ULBRICHTS Protection has fired shots at a HOPLIT titanium helmet, a ballistic visor, an aramid helmet as well as an anti-riot helmet and recorded the events on camera. The time-lapse shows the large differences in the level of protection.

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