New development: face shield reduces risk of coronavirus spreading and infection

Schwanenstadt (Austria) 24.04.2020 – ULBRICHTS Protection has developed a face shield* that reduces the risk of coronavirus spreading and infection. The new product offers people from different professions who cannot, or cannot permanently, maintain the necessary safe distance of at least 1.5 metres additional protection against infection from droplets or smears. It can be worn alone or in combination with a mouth-nose mask, depending on the needs or situation. Glasses can also be worn without any hindrance.

The newly developed face shield has a foldable visor and is made of a particularly robust material. Regular disinfection and multiple-use, therefore, present no problem. The padded ergonomic headband makes for considerably greater wearing comfort, especially during longer wearing times. A rotary wheel makes for infinitely variable size adjustment, allowing the face shield to be instantly fitted to different head sizes and tightened and loosened while wearing. Both the visor’s tilt angle and the headband’s tension can be adjusted without removing the visor. This makes for an additional improvement in wearing comfort and significantly increases the hygienic protection since the visor does not need to be touched by the hands. These features make the ULBRICHTS Protection face shield suitable for a wide range of applications and professions – medical personnel, police and fire department officers, production and service staff, government, care and retail workers and passenger transport staff.

The company’s inhouse industrial production means that you can now order the shield with deliveries in large quantities at short notice. Personalisation with your own company colours and logos can be done on request. As an established manufacturer of head protection systems for special operations forces and police officers, ULBRICHTS Protection has many years of experience in the production of personal protective equipment. “During the coronavirus pandemic, we are particularly keen to contribute our expertise in the field of head protection. The ULBRICHTS team has pulled out all the stops to develop this innovative face shield in recent weeks. Our goal is to protect those who protect us and keep public life going. Our new face shield is our contribution to this effort,” says Georg Scharpenack of ULBRICHTS Protection.

*The face shield is not a medical technology product and the applicable regional, state and federal rules for the respective usage requirements and options for wearing nose-mouth protection, face shields and other protective equipment must be observed in each individual case and in combination.

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