ULBRICHTS Protection presents the ballistic headgear of the future at the Milipol trade fair in Paris

Schwanenstadt / Paris, 19.11.2019 Offering the right head protection for every unit and every use: that is the aim of ULBRICHTS Protection. The three-helmet series “ZENTURIO” for special units, “HOPLIT” for patrol officers / first responders and “OPTIO” for riot police set standards in their respective segments. At Milipol, the leading event for homeland security and safety, which is being held in Paris from 19.11 to 22.11.2019, the company will be showcasing a whole range of pioneering innovations and thus underlining its position as the European market and technology leader.

New hybrid helmet: effective VPAM 3 protection and stopping effect against rifle fire

ULBRICHTS Protection combines titanium and polyethylene (PE) for the first time in the next generation of helmets. The new hybrids offer comprehensive protection against different types of threats. They provide effective protection against bullets in accordance with test level 3 of the VPAM (VPAM = Vereinigung der Prüfstellen für angriffshemmende Materialien und Konstruktionen / Association of Test Centres for Impact-Resistant Materials and Structures; VPAM 3, 9 mm x 19 DM 41, in accordance with the European guideline HVN 2009, residual energy values below 25 joules). In addition, they can withstand the impact of rifles (7.62 mm x 39 PB lead core).

ULBRICHTS Managing Director Georg Scharpenack underlines the future potential of the company’s innovations: “By combining titanium and polyethylene, as well as using other high-tech materials, we have succeeded in making the field-proven ULBRICHTS titanium protection both more resistant and lighter. With the help of our new production technology, we were able to produce the first helmet capable of stopping both ammunition from rifles and meeting the stringent requirements of the European HVN 2009 guideline at the VPAM 3 test level. This technological platform will enable us to increase even further the level of protection against rifles which we have already achieved in our future helmet developments. Those who literally put their heads in the line of fire for our safety deserve the best possible protection.”

New HOPLIT hybrid variant: a particularly light helmet for first responders

Also based on the combination of titanium and polyethylene (PE) is the new model of our successful HOPLIT helmet, which weighs only 1.7 kilograms in the standard cut F 1100 (low cut). The new hybrid variant provides effective protection against gunfire (VPAM 3, 9 mm x 19 DM 41, in accordance with the European guideline HVN 2009, residual energy values below 25 joules). In accordance with the standard, not only the stopping effect is tested, but also the amount of residual energy transferred to the head when stopping bullets. The transfer of residual energy must not exceed the limit of 25 joules recommended by experts in order to prevent a life-threatening trauma to the helmet wearer. The use of polyethylene also significantly improves the helmet shell’s anti-shatter properties compared to pure titanium helmets. The new titanium polyethylene hybrids also offer protection against impacts, chemicals and fire in accordance with international standards. The HOPLIT helmet series was developed especially for the requirements of patrolmen and has been in use throughout Europe since 2011.

VPAM 6 front shield FORTIS and visor: modular protection against Kalashnikovs

The FORTIS forehead shield from ULBRICHTS Protection features an add-on module that can be used to upgrade ULBRICHTS titanium or titanium hybrid helmets to the protection level of VPAM 6 (VPAM 6, 7.62 mm x 39 iron core, in accordance with the European HVN 2009 guideline, residual energy values below 25 joules). The additional module weighs just 500 grams and can reliably reduce a Kalashnikov assault rifle’s enormous firepower of over 2000 joules and a projectile speed of around 720 metres per second to well below 25 joules. Equally powerful against Kalashnikov fire and part of ULBRICHTS Protection’s offer is a VPAM 6 visor that effectively protects the face in addition to the particularly vulnerable forehead area.

OPTIO: the first ballistic head protection for groups of a hundred police officers / operational groups

In addition to the usual protection against impacts, stabbing and projectiles, the OPTIO anti-riot helmet also offers effective protection against bullets fired from handguns for the first time (VPAM 2, 9 mm x 19 DM 41, in accordance with the European guideline HVN 2009, residual energy values below 25 joules). This makes the OPTIO the first helmet of its kind because a projectile 9 x 19 mm Parabellum effortlessly pierces the standard helmets such as those worn by police during demonstrations. The helmet-mask combination weighs about two kilograms, including the impact protection visor and stab-resistant neck protection on the level of the classic riot helmets usually deployed.

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