ULBRICHTS Protection is presenting numerous innovations at the Enforce Tac trade fair in Nuremberg

  • The new version of the SEK helmet ZENTURIO offers effective standalone protection against rifle threats (VPAM 6)
  • VPAM-3 HVN helmets are significantly lighter for dynamic use
  • A completely updated design with new technical features across the entire product range


Schwanenstadt (Austria)/Nuremberg 28.02.2022 – At the Enforce Tac trade fair, which begins in Nuremberg tomorrow, ULBRICHTS Protection will be presenting several new products (Hall 12 / Stand 389).

In addition to the completely newly developed SEK helmet ZENTURIO, ULBRICHTS will be displaying HOPLIT models that offer effective VPAM-3 protection at a significantly reduced weight. In addition, ULBRICHTS Protection has rethought the design of the entire product range and managed to combine the look of the helmets with various new technical features.


“We are delighted that we are once again able to meet our customers and partners in person after the long break due to the pandemic. In the meantime, we have reinvented our helmet portfolio to bring it to a new level due to protection, weight, and design,” says Georg Scharpenack, Owner and CEO of ULBRICHTS. “The most recent events in Vienna, Heidelberg, and Krusel have shown once again how important it is to protect those who put themselves on the line to ensure our safety as best as we can.”


New ZENTURIO: True protection against rifle threats without extra modules
The flagship of the ULBRICHTS helmet family has reached a new level of protection with the latest version: VPAM 6. While the previous ZENTURIO was designed to protect against handguns (test level VPAM 3), the new helmet withstands bullets fired from a Kalashnikov assault rifle using 7.62 x 39 steel core ammunition (MSC). At the same time it achieves trauma values ​​below 25 joules (test level VPAM 6, trauma values ​​analogue to the European Directive VPAM HVN 2009 below 25 joules). This effectively prevents a potentially life-threatening craniocerebral trauma.

In addition, the new ZENTURIO can also stop the powerful NATO calibre 7.62 x 51 (.308 / M80 / NIJ III). This makes the ZENTURIO the only helmet in its weight class on the market, offering its wearer effective all-round protection against rifle firing without additional shields. This is the effective answer to a real threat to which procurers all over the world are responding by adapting protective equipment. The new ZENTURIO successor will be available in the second half of 2022.


New VPAM 3 HVN helmets: reduced weight and true protection against handguns
Through further research and development to improve the materials used, ULBRICHTS Protection has achieved significant weight reductions in its VPAM-3 helmets. These are made from a combination of titanium and composite materials (hybrid) but are significantly lighter than their predecessors – without reducing the effective true protection against handguns (test level VPAM 3 HVN 2009, trauma values ​​below 25 joules in accordance with European Directive HVN 2009). ULBRICHTS Protection has optimized various parts that have, for example, resulted in a lightweight, tactical helmet (JUMP) for special units which starts at 1.2 kilograms.


More than just appearance: ULBRICHTS helmets shine in a brand-new design
While achieving best ballistic protection results, the latest generation of helmets received a significantly improved exterior. Protection, design, and comfort were consistently fused together. In the future, ULBRICHTS helmets will dispense with screws on the helmet calotte. This saves weight on the one hand and increases the effective protective surface by 20 to 30 percent on the other – as everyone knows, screws and their necessary holes are not only a weak point in the helmet shell but can also become a dangerous secondary projectile when shot at.

Other properties, such as improved modularity and practical features, characterize the new generation. The helmets look is much more modern and shows what they stand for: true protection, dynamics, and functionality.

All these innovations will be incorporated into the whole range of ULBRICHTS Protection helmets in the second half of 2022.

About ULBRICHTS Protection

A division of ULBRICHTS GmbH, ULBRICHTS Protection from Schwanenstadt in Upper Austria develops and manufactures ballistic helmets made of titanium and titanium hybrid. The company‘s international clientele includes patrol officers, special police forces, other police units and military personnel. ULBRICHTS Protection is one of the pioneers in the field of ballistic head protection and constantly sets new technical standards in terms of true protection, comfort and design.

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